6 Must-Have Graphic T-shirts that Celebrate Black Women

I’m still recovering from Memorial Day! Most of you, like me, probably went back to your cubicle unis after spending the weekend in sundresses, shorts and tanks. Wasn’t it nice to feel the air brush your skin for a change? I love warm weather clothes and I’ve been looking to step up my t-shirt gameContinue reading “6 Must-Have Graphic T-shirts that Celebrate Black Women”

Wifey: Working Stripper Poles Before Supper Time

My eyes rounded as the woman in front of me gripped the pole and spread her legs toward Heaven. God works in mysterious ways; this was the only explanation I had for what I was witnessing. Kirk Franklin’s Gospel song about redemption, “Imagine Me,” played in the background, an odd choice for a pole dance. HerContinue reading “Wifey: Working Stripper Poles Before Supper Time”

300 Sandwiches?! Heck, NO…But Maybe 3?

If you didn’t hear about the hullabaloo over a New York Post reporter’s article about making her boyfriend 300 different sandwiches to snare an engagement ring, then you may want to catch up. I took the story as a tongue-in-cheek extension of a joke. Others furiously hailed it as a win for sexist cavemen everywhere. Inasmuch asContinue reading “300 Sandwiches?! Heck, NO…But Maybe 3?”

Jealousy and Other ‘Female Traits’

“Males shouldn’t be jealous; that’s a female trait” —Jay-Z It’s not hard to tell that ‘a female trait,’ by Shawn Carter’s reckoning, is not something that a male would want to have. Simple psychology would’ve told him that men experience jealousy, too. Despite the fact that rappers (and their verses) are made of 15% truth,Continue reading “Jealousy and Other ‘Female Traits’”

Stunting on Sexist Football Fans

Three years ago, I started playing NFL fantasy football (FFB) and I sucked at it. I had Eli Manning as my starting quarterback and a host of other players that I did not know what to do with. It wasn’t for lack of knowing the game; I’ve been a football fan since my hometown team,Continue reading “Stunting on Sexist Football Fans”