6 Must-Have Graphic T-shirts that Celebrate Black Women

I’m still recovering from Memorial Day! Most of you, like me, probably went back to your cubicle unis after spending the weekend in sundresses, shorts and tanks. Wasn’t it nice to feel the air brush your skin for a change? I love warm weather clothes and I’ve been looking to step up my t-shirt gameContinue reading “6 Must-Have Graphic T-shirts that Celebrate Black Women”

Love Letter to Black Women

This is a love letter to Black women, my sisters. I have never loved anyone quite as hard as I have loved you. This is not to say that I have not loved others well or loved them deeply, because I have. But loving you is hardness, requiring the density of commitment fortified by an enamelContinue reading “Love Letter to Black Women”

My Top 3 “Black Girls Rock” Moments

Finally! That’s what I thought while watching BET’s Black Girls Rock program last Sunday. Finally, black women are allowed space in the media to celebrate the best in themselves and other black women. It was gratifying to see a program that proclaimed we are all that, black girls and women who rock, diamond-strong in the face of adversity.Continue reading “My Top 3 “Black Girls Rock” Moments”

My Secret Reason for Avoiding Beauty Salons

Black people have long respected the sacred spaces of beauty salons and barber shops as locations of empowerment and freedom. We don’t go just to get our hair “did”; we go to get our life right and to testify when it, like our hair, is perfectly laid. We trust our beautician to talk us offContinue reading “My Secret Reason for Avoiding Beauty Salons”

Love Song to Black Men

I am in love. I’ve known it since I was a teenager, looking with young brown eyes at his chocolate skin and easy smile. He called me shorty, and it was all over. I lived for his hugs, his daps, and my heart strings were tied to the soles of his feet. That love startedContinue reading “Love Song to Black Men”