Beyonce, Blue Ivy, and the Public Performance of Motherhood

Beyoncé is giving the performance of a lifetime, and for once, it’s not for us. This past week, Bey came under fire for the appearance of her daughter Blue Ivy’s hair. It’s not the first time. And this isn’t the first time I’ve written about Bey, Blue and hair, either. What’s new? This petition imploring the Carters toContinue reading “Beyonce, Blue Ivy, and the Public Performance of Motherhood”

6 Must-Have Graphic T-shirts that Celebrate Black Women

I’m still recovering from Memorial Day! Most of you, like me, probably went back to your cubicle unis after spending the weekend in sundresses, shorts and tanks. Wasn’t it nice to feel the air brush your skin for a change? I love warm weather clothes and I’ve been looking to step up my t-shirt gameContinue reading “6 Must-Have Graphic T-shirts that Celebrate Black Women”

Two Must-See Web Series You Should Be Watching

Last month, I started watching two web series  produced and written by Black actors that are restoring my faith in love at first sight (of a TV show). I don’t rely on television for entertainment for this primary reason: In a television climate where we have witnessed both Mary Jane Paul (Being Mary Jane) andContinue reading “Two Must-See Web Series You Should Be Watching”

Why This Christian Doesn’t Watch Tyler Perry Films

When I found out that my church’s women’s group was going to see The Single Mom’s Club, I groaned. Every time a Tyler Perry movie comes out, my church takes it as an opportunity for fellowship and discussion. As much as I like socializing, I never “make it” to those outings. I always felt too cowedContinue reading “Why This Christian Doesn’t Watch Tyler Perry Films”

Love Letter to Black Women

This is a love letter to Black women, my sisters. I have never loved anyone quite as hard as I have loved you. This is not to say that I have not loved others well or loved them deeply, because I have. But loving you is hardness, requiring the density of commitment fortified by an enamelContinue reading “Love Letter to Black Women”