Why This Christian Doesn’t Watch Tyler Perry Films

When I found out that my church’s women’s group was going to see The Single Mom’s Club, I groaned. Every time a Tyler Perry movie comes out, my church takes it as an opportunity for fellowship and discussion. As much as I like socializing, I never “make it” to those outings. I always felt too cowedContinue reading “Why This Christian Doesn’t Watch Tyler Perry Films”

Crossing over Jordan Davis: On the Importance of Black Rage

This is an essay supposedly about the importance of Black rage for Jordan Davis and other Black children and all I can feel is this soul-numbing sadness. I have become an ostrich in regards to court cases involving Black children: I stubbornly refuse to read any articles or to acquaint myself with the circumstances untilContinue reading “Crossing over Jordan Davis: On the Importance of Black Rage”

On My First Time Being Racially Profiled

This story is alternatively titled, That One Time I Almost Fought a Racist Grandma. She was taller than me, but I think I could’ve taken her. Thanksgiving dinner saw my little family take a drive down I-20 to see relatives in Columbia, South Carolina. There is little to do in Columbia outside of shopping and wearingContinue reading “On My First Time Being Racially Profiled”

On Southern Heritage and Reclaiming Alabama

From inside the house, I peer through the mini-blinds at my great-uncles. The folds in their leathery faces do not betray their ages as much as their salt and pepper hair does; black don’t crack, after all. These men survived George Wallace and so they are to be respected. We are in Houston for myContinue reading “On Southern Heritage and Reclaiming Alabama”

Decoding Ratchets, Respectability, and Racism

I think of the word ratchet like a friend you graciously let stay on your couch: it was cool at the beginning, but it’s really overstayed its welcome by about a year. The first time I heard the word was in a 2009 song by Hurricane Chris called “Halle Berry (She Fine),” where the rapperContinue reading “Decoding Ratchets, Respectability, and Racism”