Juicy J and the Problematic Trope of Twerking College Girls

If  Three 6 Mafia rapper Juicy J wanted to see some girls twerk for free, all he had to do was visit World Star Hip Hop (WSHH). He had to have known this, since he partnered with the website to publicize a $50,000 scholarship for young Black women. But this week, news surfaced that Juicy JContinue reading “Juicy J and the Problematic Trope of Twerking College Girls”

Stop Fishing for Self-Hatred in the Name “Sharkeisha”

About two weeks ago, I heard about an epic beat down of a fight between a girl named Sharkeisha and another one named Shamichael. One day, I will explain thoroughly why I cannot abide World Star Hip-Hop; but suffice it to say that since I refuse to frequent that site, I haven’t seen the SharkeishaContinue reading “Stop Fishing for Self-Hatred in the Name “Sharkeisha””

Wifey: Working Stripper Poles Before Supper Time

My eyes rounded as the woman in front of me gripped the pole and spread her legs toward Heaven. God works in mysterious ways; this was the only explanation I had for what I was witnessing. Kirk Franklin’s Gospel song about redemption, “Imagine Me,” played in the background, an odd choice for a pole dance. HerContinue reading “Wifey: Working Stripper Poles Before Supper Time”

Decoding Ratchets, Respectability, and Racism

I think of the word ratchet like a friend you graciously let stay on your couch: it was cool at the beginning, but it’s really overstayed its welcome by about a year. The first time I heard the word was in a 2009 song by Hurricane Chris called “Halle Berry (She Fine),” where the rapperContinue reading “Decoding Ratchets, Respectability, and Racism”