Dara T. Mathis

freelance writer

Dara T. Mathis is a freelance writer who covers maternal health, race and class issues in motherhood, and mental health. But mostly, she loves to tell a good story. She lives in Maryland with a scientist and three small humans.

Dara is a former staff writer at Romper.com and her bylines have also appeared online at The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Week, Zora Magazine, Tenderly, Bitch Media, Playboy, and other outlets. You can find her writing in print in Bitch Magazine and Caribbean Without Borders: Literature, Language and Culture.

Once upon a time, she earned a BA in Creative Writing/ French Literature from the University of South Florida (2005), and an MA in African-American Literature from Florida State University (2007).  She is also an alumna of the AWP Writer to Writer program, Voices of Our Nation Arts (VONA) Foundation workshop, and the Lighthouse Writers Workshop. Dara won the 2020 Blood Orange Review contest in nonfiction.

When Dara is not chasing her three kids, she enjoys catching up on her never-ending book wish list, being a hobbyist gardener, traveling, and playing MarioKart with her family. You can follow Dara on Twitter at @trulytafakari and get to know more about her love for plantains.