A Woman Ponders Her Fat Rolls on Thanksgiving Eve

Dear Fat Rolls: It seems only right that I would acknowledge you on the day before your holiday. I am conscious of your presence with every rise and fall of my breath. Yours is a landscape I view often, but never admire. Jill Scott once said that there is power in these rolling hills, butContinue reading “A Woman Ponders Her Fat Rolls on Thanksgiving Eve”

My Top 3 “Black Girls Rock” Moments

Finally! That’s what I thought while watching BET’s Black Girls Rock program last Sunday. Finally, black women are allowed space in the media to celebrate the best in themselves and other black women. It was gratifying to see a program that proclaimed we are all that, black girls and women who rock, diamond-strong in the face of adversity.Continue reading “My Top 3 “Black Girls Rock” Moments”

Afros and Victory Gardens

I never thought the final frontier would be weave. There was never any war; but if there was one, then surely, we have won it. Seven years ago, I joined a then-small community of women who braved hard stares, insults, overt and covert shade thrown–just because they cut their hair and went natural. Whether weContinue reading “Afros and Victory Gardens”