Dooky Twists + Farts: Can Women Keep it Funky in Love?

Generally comfortable in my own skin, I have never been a glam girl who “puts on her face” every time I leave the house. I see a lot of #nakedface posts on Instagram and I chuckle because my naked face is my default, rather than a marked occasion. I actually have to remind myself thatContinue reading “Dooky Twists + Farts: Can Women Keep it Funky in Love?”

Afros and Victory Gardens

I never thought the final frontier would be weave. There was never any war; but if there was one, then surely, we have won it. Seven years ago, I joined a then-small community of women who braved hard stares, insults, overt and covert shade thrown–just because they cut their hair and went natural. Whether weContinue reading “Afros and Victory Gardens”