The Sweetest Thing You Missed about Beyonce’s Grammy Performance

The most touching thing about Jay and Bey at the Grammys: an impromptu prose poem Wasn’t her leaning into him while he rapped. Wasn’t the grin on his face watching her strut. Wasn’t the grip of his hands on her fatty. Wasn’t the hug and kiss they shared. Wasn’t even the surfborting they pantomimed (BeyContinue reading “The Sweetest Thing You Missed about Beyonce’s Grammy Performance”

3 Reasons Men Shouldn’t Hate Independent Women

Ever since Destiny’s Child gave women a titular anthem to declare their independence, so-called Independent Women have had a bad reputation in the black community. The result of the misconception has been a “conversation” where men and women talk around the subject of independent women, casting blame and dodging accusations. But what if, this wholeContinue reading “3 Reasons Men Shouldn’t Hate Independent Women”

Dooky Twists + Farts: Can Women Keep it Funky in Love?

Generally comfortable in my own skin, I have never been a glam girl who “puts on her face” every time I leave the house. I see a lot of #nakedface posts on Instagram and I chuckle because my naked face is my default, rather than a marked occasion. I actually have to remind myself thatContinue reading “Dooky Twists + Farts: Can Women Keep it Funky in Love?”

Love Song to Black Men

I am in love. I’ve known it since I was a teenager, looking with young brown eyes at his chocolate skin and easy smile. He called me shorty, and it was all over. I lived for his hugs, his daps, and my heart strings were tied to the soles of his feet. That love startedContinue reading “Love Song to Black Men”

Goodbye Grandma, Gently into that Good Night

My grandma died this morning. She was the best square dancing, salmon croquette making, 7UP cake baking, silver Afroed beauty I ever knew. She lived a life that taught me to create adventure rather than waiting to happen upon it. Lennye was the flyest older woman I ever met, face beat to the gods onContinue reading “Goodbye Grandma, Gently into that Good Night”