We ride grief; we do not conquer it

 We ride grief in waves; we do not conquer it. It is wide and wild and ebbing, coming back to drench you when you think you have wiped your face dry of tears. If you know someone who is riding grief and you ask, “How are you?” They may just be answering for that day.Continue reading “We ride grief; we do not conquer it”

Wading Through Grief One Tear at a Time

Last night I saw my grandmother in my dreams (she passed away on October 5, 2013). I had moved to a new home and stood watching a honey-toned, elderly woman rock on a porch swing across the street. She looks like Grandma…wait, no, that’s her sister!  And when my dreamself realized that I had aContinue reading “Wading Through Grief One Tear at a Time”

Goodbye Grandma, Gently into that Good Night

My grandma died this morning. She was the best square dancing, salmon croquette making, 7UP cake baking, silver Afroed beauty I ever knew. She lived a life that taught me to create adventure rather than waiting to happen upon it. Lennye was the flyest older woman I ever met, face beat to the gods onContinue reading “Goodbye Grandma, Gently into that Good Night”