Wading Through Grief One Tear at a Time

Last night I saw my grandmother in my dreams (she passed away on October 5, 2013). I had moved to a new home and stood watching a honey-toned, elderly woman rock on a porch swing across the street. She looks like Grandma…wait, no, that’s her sister!  And when my dreamself realized that I had aContinue reading “Wading Through Grief One Tear at a Time”

Goodbye Grandma, Gently into that Good Night

My grandma died this morning. She was the best square dancing, salmon croquette making, 7UP cake baking, silver Afroed beauty I ever knew. She lived a life that taught me to create adventure rather than waiting to happen upon it. Lennye was the flyest older woman I ever met, face beat to the gods onContinue reading “Goodbye Grandma, Gently into that Good Night”