The Sweetest Thing You Missed about Beyonce’s Grammy Performance

The most touching thing about Jay and Bey at the Grammys: an impromptu prose poem Wasn’t her leaning into him while he rapped. Wasn’t the grin on his face watching her strut. Wasn’t the grip of his hands on her fatty. Wasn’t the hug and kiss they shared. Wasn’t even the surfborting they pantomimed (BeyContinue reading “The Sweetest Thing You Missed about Beyonce’s Grammy Performance”

Jealousy and Other ‘Female Traits’

“Males shouldn’t be jealous; that’s a female trait” —Jay-Z It’s not hard to tell that ‘a female trait,’ by Shawn Carter’s reckoning, is not something that a male would want to have. Simple psychology would’ve told him that men experience jealousy, too. Despite the fact that rappers (and their verses) are made of 15% truth,Continue reading “Jealousy and Other ‘Female Traits’”

On the Flipside…2 Chainz May Be Right

Every once in a while, I listen to the point of view of someone who I’m predisposed to ignore and I am pleasantly surprised. This happened to me yesterday evening when the song “Feds Watching” by rapper 2 Chainz (formerly known as Tity Boi) came on the radio. Honestly, I’m not a big fan ofContinue reading “On the Flipside…2 Chainz May Be Right”

Dynamic Duo: Pharrell and Jay-Z

I have a complicated history with hip-hop. When it began to really swell in popularity in the ’90s, I wasn’t allowed to listen to it. Much of what the hip-hop community deems its classics passed me by (like the Pharcyde) while I was busy listening to more parent-approved music. Once I grew older, I began toContinue reading “Dynamic Duo: Pharrell and Jay-Z”