Unless You Gon’ Do It: Is Fishing for Gifts Online a Joke?

Despite any hypothetical intention we may have, my friends, one thing is clear: asking for things we want online creates an “Unless You Gon’ Do It” type of situation. Social media allows us to advertise our desires behind the safety of a computer screen. Personally, it is comforting to share bits and pieces of myselfContinue reading “Unless You Gon’ Do It: Is Fishing for Gifts Online a Joke?”

Ashy Larry Logic is Alive and Well in Atlanta (A Shady Story)

One thing is for certain: if you’ve never seen an Ashy Larry, you know for sure what one is when you meet him. Originally, the trifling character of Ashy Larry featured on Chappelle’s Show. But I never knew what #AshyLarry the hashtag was before I got on Twitter this year. Per its originator, blogger Auntie Peebz ofContinue reading “Ashy Larry Logic is Alive and Well in Atlanta (A Shady Story)”

Why I’m Happy for Kanye and Kim

There is an old adage about garden tools and housewives that implies certain women are off limits in the marriage department. As antiquated as the idea might be, it lives on in popular culture. You can’t talk about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian without someone bringing up her, um, film credits and her claim toContinue reading “Why I’m Happy for Kanye and Kim”

What Resident Evil Taught Me About Motherhood and Being Pwned

Parenthood is arguably the world’s greatest role-playing game. My brain works in mysterious ways and thinking about motherhood called to mind the fourth installment of the great gaming franchise, Resident Evil, where parasite-ridden farmers (Los Ganados) “remember” your last combination of fighting moves and bum rush you before you can get a clip off. TheContinue reading “What Resident Evil Taught Me About Motherhood and Being Pwned”

5 Reasons Financial Independence is Overrated

Ten years ago, when I teetered on the precipice of my college graduation, all I could dream about was financial independence. I was more frugal than footloose-and-fancy-free and had spent all four years of undergrad in my parents’ house. That’s right. All. Four. Years. Being underneath their thumb certainly kept me out of trouble. ButContinue reading “5 Reasons Financial Independence is Overrated”