Ashy Larry Logic is Alive and Well in Atlanta (A Shady Story)

No amount of lotion can fix inner ashiness. Get right, sir.

One thing is for certain: if you’ve never seen an Ashy Larry, you know for sure what one is when you meet him. Originally, the trifling character of Ashy Larry featured on Chappelle’s Show. But I never knew what #AshyLarry the hashtag was before I got on Twitter this year. Per its originator, blogger Auntie Peebz of

…I came to regard all things bad, unattractive, base, ignorant and flat-out undesirable as “ashy.” Ashy is not about how you look. No, not necessarily. It is a state of being.

With that definition, allow me to introduce you to the ashy candidate I met one fateful evening at Pappadeaux in north metro Atlanta. By all rights, it should have been a perfect night; I gussied myself to wish a friend well on her move. Isis and I sat in the balmy summer air people watching and talking, waiting for the hostess to call our party.

A tallish guy with locs twisted down his back strolled into our view. We nodded politely but he stopped in front of us and introduced himself as Andre*. His black shirt, appropriately thin for the August humidity, stretched schmedium against his biceps. Fishing in his pocket, he handed us each a laminated business card that proclaimed him a seller of weaves. I dropped the card into my purse carelessly. I don’t do Yaky.

Shameless plug: I make writing prettyful on a freelance basis!

I will out myself as a social noob here. The ink was barely dry on the mini-business cards I’d bought to market myself as a freelance writer, and I was excited. Too excited, maybe, to realize that my cell number was on the card. I’m not naturally self-promoting, so I challenged myself to exchange business contact information with everyone who initiated it. I grinned and told him, “Let’s trade!” and introduced my hustle like he did his. He took my card, wished us a good evening, and went on his way.

Isis and I decided to sit at the bar and sip drinks while we waited for the other ladies. Engrossed in our conversation, I was oblivious to everything around me until the familiar two-toned dings sounded from my cell phone. I checked the message, surprised to find an unknown number.

UNKNOWN: It’s Andre

The last message startled me. Who tells you to smile when they aren’t looking at you? My head popped up and swiveled left to right. Across from the bar sat Andre-the-seller-of-weaves, sitting at a booth with his phone in his hands. The woman sitting across from him was a pretty chocolate brown lady with a pixie haircut. A thin line of a smile flashed across my face then disappeared. I did my best to turn my back to him.

“Girl,” I whispered to Isis. “That dude. He’s across from us. Texting me. While on a date. With another girl! GIRL!!!”

Who does that?!” she said.

Who does that? Ashy Larry, that’s who. Even if I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed he didn’t see my wedding ring, what kind of man flirt texts a woman he just met while he’s on a date?

We ignored Andre-the-seller-of-weaves (and his lovely date) and were seated at our table in the back of the restaurant with the other ladies. The drinks were flowing, the laughter bubbling, when my cell phone dinged.

UNKNOWN: Where did you go?
UNKNOWN: Where are you sitting?

I rolled my eyes, flabbergasted. I refused to text him a response, afraid of somehow encouraging more bad behavior. I felt bad for the lady at his booth waiting for him to stop texting. Maybe it was his sister or cousin, I reasoned. I hoped.

This is a sign in Little 5 Points, Atlanta. Clearly it applies to the entire city. SMH.

If anything, this incident taught me to be careful passing out my business card to any old seller of weaves who hands me their hustle flyer. I never considered the potential for unwanted messages or phone calls.

I will admit that I’ve been out of the dating game for the better part of a decade, and I’ve never dated in Atlanta, which is notorious for shenanigans.


But is this common practice? Was this my fault? Do people mack (I’m showing my age) other people while their dates are sitting across from them? Help me out here, ya’ll. 

*Andre’s name was changed to protect the ashy.

7 thoughts on “Ashy Larry Logic is Alive and Well in Atlanta (A Shady Story)

  1. But is this common practice?
    I would say probably not common practice, but more relevant today. There seems to be an over abundance of desperate women who will take a man anyway he comes to her. Men are aware of this and they are looking for whatever comes easy with no strings attached (casual sex) in this day. A lot of women today.. really believe out of desperation that “having a piece of man is better than having none at all.” Sad but so true. He has probably not encountered the exchange of business cards before and thought it was an offer to him to give you call. (more like you were interested in him) I know twisted to say the least. As he probably uses “the weave business” for opportunity reasons…to get with women. (even though you are not a weave wearer…the sharing of your card was more than he had gotten from anyone) which said to him she must be interested. I think this guys motives are as fake as the weave business he promotes. Did he have hair samples to offer? I’m just saying…lol

    Was this my fault?
    No, it was not your fault as you were thinking in terms of sharing your business information in the form of creating a possible business network and thought he was doing the same creating an opportunity for future business. So don’t blame yourself…just next time ask more questions about the other persons business. You can kindly get a feel of a person once talking to them. Also, his approach was kindly shaky to boot.

    Do people mack (I’m showing my age) other people while their dates are sitting across from them?
    Yes, unfortunately a lot guys have no intentions of being exclusive and will date as many women as possible at once. If a man cares nothing about the person he is sitting across from there is the opportunity for disrespect. A man will see how far he can go..and yes, he will have his cake and eat it and share it too…if you allow him to. That is why it is important to let a loser know he is a loser…and ask the question “what you thought sir” “shew fly don’t bother me” bad grammar and all.. LOL….

  2. Well, his intentions didn’t seem to be legite. Some men or people in general don’t care about a person being married unfortunately! Just have to guard yourself and keep it busy

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