5 Reasons Financial Independence is Overrated

Ten years ago, when I teetered on the precipice of my college graduation, all I could dream about was financial independence. I was more frugal than footloose-and-fancy-free and had spent all four years of undergrad in my parents’ house. That’s right. All. Four. Years. Being underneath their thumb certainly kept me out of trouble. ButContinue reading “5 Reasons Financial Independence is Overrated”

5 Great Things I Gave Up to Be Grown

Confession: I only pretend to be a serious adult. I love having a kid because I can indulge in “immature” activities with a living, breathing excuse. When I chase my daughter around the house, both us wearing ducky towels flowing from our heads, nobody can judge me. I’m being an engaged parent. If I tried thatContinue reading “5 Great Things I Gave Up to Be Grown”

Fightin’ Words

I was a short kid, with a looming forehead, two robust front teeth and a gap you could kick a goal through. My trifecta of kid imperfections required an ability to verbally shimmy out of taunting situations before I literally needed to shimmy out of the grasp of bullies. But I had no quick wit.Continue reading “Fightin’ Words”