Jonathan Martin and the Loud Silence of Bullying

A set of twin boys brought my life double trouble in the 4th grade. They had skin like rich soil and thick bellies that jiggled when they laughed at me. I met them at the bus stop on the first day of school. I suppose they chose me because I looked 7 when I was 10,Continue reading “Jonathan Martin and the Loud Silence of Bullying”

I Was Bullied While Birthing

Hi Readers! I’m featured on’s It Happened to Me today!  When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we embarked, without a heap of conviction, on a journey to have our daughter in our Jacuzzi tub. My admittedly shallow reason: I was not trying to pay on a hospital bill. Yeah, deep.Continue reading “I Was Bullied While Birthing”

Fightin’ Words

I was a short kid, with a looming forehead, two robust front teeth and a gap you could kick a goal through. My trifecta of kid imperfections required an ability to verbally shimmy out of taunting situations before I literally needed to shimmy out of the grasp of bullies. But I had no quick wit.Continue reading “Fightin’ Words”