Jonathan Martin and the Loud Silence of Bullying

A set of twin boys brought my life double trouble in the 4th grade. They had skin like rich soil and thick bellies that jiggled when they laughed at me. I met them at the bus stop on the first day of school. I suppose they chose me because I looked 7 when I was 10,Continue reading “Jonathan Martin and the Loud Silence of Bullying”

Adrian Peterson, Black Monsters, and the Daddy Problem

NFL running back Adrian Peterson (AP) unarguably suffered a tragedy last week in the death of his young son. But another quiet, subtle injury to the football player saddened me for a different reason. Two articles published by major news sources shifted the lens from the pervasive problem of domestic violence against African-American women and children toContinue reading “Adrian Peterson, Black Monsters, and the Daddy Problem”