Wrapping Up #31writenow with a Bow

If you haven’t noticed, I have written a blog post for almost every day in the month of August. I never quite explained what I was doing, so this is a retroactive Prologue to my shenanigans. Humor blogger Awesomely Luvvie started a 31-day blog challenge that encouraged fellow bloggers to write something on their sitesContinue reading “Wrapping Up #31writenow with a Bow”

All Because Two People Went to FSU (and then fell in love)

Four years ago today I married the first black scientist I ever met. Lucky for me, he digs English majors. Go Noles. Go us. Happy anniversary to my black alchemist! Why Did I Get Married (In the Key of Tyler Perry) I married you for the day you came home: “My boss told me theyContinue reading “All Because Two People Went to FSU (and then fell in love)”

Tales from the B-side of a Skinny Twerker

At age 14, I loved dirty dancing. We called it booty shaking back then. But I weighed less than 100 lbs and not much was shaking on me but bones. I would watch my summer camp friends dance while, in the corner, I twitched in a pattern that imitated rhythm to stay unnoticed. The girlsContinue reading “Tales from the B-side of a Skinny Twerker”

5 Great Things I Gave Up to Be Grown

Confession: I only pretend to be a serious adult. I love having a kid because I can indulge in “immature” activities with a living, breathing excuse. When I chase my daughter around the house, both us wearing ducky towels flowing from our heads, nobody can judge me. I’m being an engaged parent. If I tried thatContinue reading “5 Great Things I Gave Up to Be Grown”

Good Morning, I Can’t Stand You!

There comes a time when your principles run smack into your actions and you realize the awful truth about yourself: you’re more two-faced than Harvey Dent. I have long prided myself for being a transparent human being in my interpersonal relations. That is, not pretending to be best buds with someone and then bad-mouthing themContinue reading “Good Morning, I Can’t Stand You!”