All Because Two People Went to FSU (and then fell in love)

My home (Florida) and my love. Photo credit: Zekeshem Parsons of Celebrations of Tampa Bay, Inc.

Four years ago today I married the first black scientist I ever met. Lucky for me, he digs English majors. Go Noles. Go us. Happy anniversary to my black alchemist!

Why Did I Get Married (In the Key of Tyler Perry)

I married you for the day you came home:

“My boss told me they wouldn’t be paying us today”

I lived for that embrace, that enfolding of arms into faith

I walked down the aisle because you peered into my grandma’s casket

and nodded your respect, even though you never tasted

her candy apples or heard her silvery voice mispronounce your name

I married you for the hours we go without speaking,

room Porterhouse thick with tension, waiting for the other to cut the silence

I married you because you passed me Kleenex and no judgment

when my best friend tried to commit suicide

And when I chipped my front tooth, you kept a straight face

so mine wouldn’t crumple in tears, kissed me and pronounced me beautiful

Because it’s not the pitch-perfect album experiences

but the spaces in between that shape the melody of our lives

and I married you, my love, for the music of that journey.

19 thoughts on “All Because Two People Went to FSU (and then fell in love)

  1. Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple. May the love of God continue to shine in your lives today and always.
    Mrs. Smart

  2. Dara, this truly touched my heart!!! Happy Anniversary to you and my handsome nephew Stephan!! Love you both! Auntie Earline

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