Wrapping Up #31writenow with a Bow

Isn’t it purty?

If you haven’t noticed, I have written a blog post for almost every day in the month of August. I never quite explained what I was doing, so this is a retroactive Prologue to my shenanigans.

Humor blogger Awesomely Luvvie started a 31-day blog challenge that encouraged fellow bloggers to write something on their sites every day. I randomly joined without much fanfare, but I would formally like to give Luvvie credit for the #31writenow hashtag you may have seen in my tag cloud.

I’ve encountered some great writers via Twitter, WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogspot. Mosey on over my new favorite expat blogs, Jive Turkish and Expatriate Games; or look up the fly gals P. Braithwaite and Stacy Australia, who write about relationships and common sense! There were too many to list them all, but you can find them by searching #31writenow on your favorite search engine (which better be Google).

I want to thank you guys for rocking with me for nearly 31 days! It truly is a challenge to present something post-worthy every time. (I hope I’ve succeeded!) I started this blog in May and it’s been a fun ride since.

I normally post three times a week unless inspiration strikes and I just have to post something right away. You will probably see me theorizing on nerdy humor, literacy and writing, and the colorful aspects of (my black) life. I hope you’ll stick around or at least stick your head in and say hello from time to time. I’ll be here, still writing reckless acts of punctuation.

What were your favorite #31writenow blogs? Shout them out!  

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