What Resident Evil Taught Me About Motherhood and Being Pwned

Parenthood is arguably the world’s greatest role-playing game. My brain works in mysterious ways and thinking about motherhood called to mind the fourth installment of the great gaming franchise, Resident Evil, where parasite-ridden farmers (Los Ganados) “remember” your last combination of fighting moves and bum rush you before you can get a clip off. TheContinue reading “What Resident Evil Taught Me About Motherhood and Being Pwned”

Friday Funny: Kid Says Toys are NOT Books

I forget to write laughter into the blog some days, but this little rascal cracks me up. I am a book lover and can’t imagine spurning books as gifts. Donate a book to a kid this year; save the world from zombified, Wii-wielding toddlers. It’s your human duty. Happy Friday!

On Motherhood and Exhaustion

Bedtime is the epic battle of every day. And just when you think you’ve won, when the rustling in the crib stills to naught, you remember the crapload of things you haven’t done and that you only have one hour left to do them all. You accomplish none of them. This is neither win norContinue reading “On Motherhood and Exhaustion”