A Woman Ponders Her Fat Rolls on Thanksgiving Eve

Dear Fat Rolls: It seems only right that I would acknowledge you on the day before your holiday. I am conscious of your presence with every rise and fall of my breath. Yours is a landscape I view often, but never admire. Jill Scott once said that there is power in these rolling hills, butContinue reading “A Woman Ponders Her Fat Rolls on Thanksgiving Eve”

A Not-So-Short List of Rules on Interacting with Short Ninjas

A Not-So-Short List of Rules on Interacting with Short Ninjas The first and last time I almost punched a white woman, she had it coming. I was taking my final tour as a grad student through my university’s book store, when the store manager stopped in front of me. I was almost 25 and she wasContinue reading “A Not-So-Short List of Rules on Interacting with Short Ninjas”

I’m About to Go Broke

I kid, I kid! But not really. When I first moved to Atlanta seven years ago, I discovered a store that not only kept its racks full of fashionable, work-appropriate clothing, but also made clothes small enough for women my size. Honestly, that’s all I really ask of a store; make stuff I can fitContinue reading “I’m About to Go Broke”

In Defense of the Skinny Humblebrag

I’m putting my thick skin on for this one. I recently realized I am guilty of the skinny humblebrag. It’s despicable, I know. (If you don’t know what a humblebrag is, look here or here, and there’s even a book!) For you snarky types, this post can also be summarized as “waah, waah, waah, boo hooContinue reading “In Defense of the Skinny Humblebrag”

Small Business Big-Up: The Lucky Exchange

If you drive too fast down Ponce, you will miss it. The Lucky Exchange is a bright gem of turquoise nestled on the corner of a block also that hosts a Cuban restaurant and a psychic reader’s parlor. I must have been lucky yesterday; I spotted the vintage clothing exchange store on a jaunt inContinue reading “Small Business Big-Up: The Lucky Exchange”