I’m About to Go Broke

I kid, I kid! But not really. When I first moved to Atlanta seven years ago, I discovered a store that not only kept its racks full of fashionable, work-appropriate clothing, but also made clothes small enough for women my size. Honestly, that’s all I really ask of a store; make stuff I can fitContinue reading “I’m About to Go Broke”

Frugal Fruit Smoothies (not what you think)

My name is Dara and I am a Frugal Frannie. In real life, reckless is not an adjective anyone would use to describe me at all when it comes to personal finance. For the past four years, I’ve been slightly preoccupied with money management, learning best practices, pitfalls, and carving out my personal finance (PF)Continue reading “Frugal Fruit Smoothies (not what you think)”