I’m About to Go Broke

H&M is about to straight ROB me (Photo credit: -Mandie-)

I kid, I kid! But not really.

When I first moved to Atlanta seven years ago, I discovered a store that not only kept its racks full of fashionable, work-appropriate clothing, but also made clothes small enough for women my size. Honestly, that’s all I really ask of a store; make stuff I can fit and look grown up wearing. With this criteria, Swedish retailer H&M made a quick fan out of me.  I perused their website, only to find, horrified, that they did not have an online store available to US customers.

Whaaa?! No online sales in the era of the Internet? I have been confounded by that ever since.

Last month, I found out that H&M would finally open their website for shopping to US residents in August. And today, I realized that it’s August already! H&M is running a sale, which my Frugal Frannie side absolutely loves. 

So, within the confines of my ironclad budget…yeah…I’m about to go broke.

Happy shopping, ya’ll! Are you an H&M fan?

4 thoughts on “I’m About to Go Broke

  1. I haven’t heard of Mango before! I’ll have to look them up. And I’ve seen Zara all over the Internet, but I’ve never seen a brick and mortar store. Will have to check it out, too…I run the risk of ill-fitting clothes buying them online, so I rarely do it.

  2. I never shopped H&M until I moved here. I go there for the basics but my favorites are Mango and Zara. I’m not sure if either store is in Atlanta. I found the styles more stylist, mature (without being matronly) and better made than a lot of ready to wear companies.

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