The Politics of Not Cooking for Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving rears its conflicting smallpox and stuffing-laden head next week, I have a confession: I’ve been married four years and have yet to cook an entire Thanksgiving meal. Let me explain before you start typing furiously about me abandoning my wifely duties. Thanksgiving is the Olympics of meal preparation. You train all year, slippingContinue reading “The Politics of Not Cooking for Thanksgiving”

300 Sandwiches?! Heck, NO…But Maybe 3?

If you didn’t hear about the hullabaloo over a New York Post reporter’s article about making her boyfriend 300 different sandwiches to snare an engagement ring, then you may want to catch up. I took the story as a tongue-in-cheek extension of a joke. Others furiously hailed it as a win for sexist cavemen everywhere. Inasmuch asContinue reading “300 Sandwiches?! Heck, NO…But Maybe 3?”