Wrapping Up #31writenow with a Bow

If you haven’t noticed, I have written a blog post for almost every day in the month of August. I never quite explained what I was doing, so this is a retroactive Prologue to my shenanigans. Humor blogger Awesomely Luvvie started a 31-day blog challenge that encouraged fellow bloggers to write something on their sitesContinue reading “Wrapping Up #31writenow with a Bow”

Yay! The Decatur Book Festival is here!

I was the girl who did happy dances at book fairs. Whose mother rewarded her summer book reading…with more books. Who considered books an appropriate birthday, Christmas, wedding, anytime-you-wanna-say-I-love-you gift. I even trawled the campus bookstore buying up the interesting required books from other classes (sorry, Florida State!) Needless to say, my particular brand ofContinue reading “Yay! The Decatur Book Festival is here!”

All Because Two People Went to FSU (and then fell in love)

Four years ago today I married the first black scientist I ever met. Lucky for me, he digs English majors. Go Noles. Go us. Happy anniversary to my black alchemist! Why Did I Get Married (In the Key of Tyler Perry) I married you for the day you came home: “My boss told me theyContinue reading “All Because Two People Went to FSU (and then fell in love)”

Tales from the B-side of a Skinny Twerker

At age 14, I loved dirty dancing. We called it booty shaking back then. But I weighed less than 100 lbs and not much was shaking on me but bones. I would watch my summer camp friends dance while, in the corner, I twitched in a pattern that imitated rhythm to stay unnoticed. The girlsContinue reading “Tales from the B-side of a Skinny Twerker”

For Girls Whose Mamas Dressed Them Like Boys

I never devised an appropriate way to get back at my mother for the shame of it all. I dreamed of it for years, though. We were shopping in the Post Exchange department store (called the PX by military folk). I stood still as she whipped a pair of jeans from the rack and heldContinue reading “For Girls Whose Mamas Dressed Them Like Boys”