This World Won’t Change You… [Video Link]

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Hello Readers, If you missed the Verses and Flow premiere, or if you didn’t miss it but just want to see more of the poetry from that night, including a web-exclusive poem, “Fireflies,” or a replay of the Poet Moment, just click here and check them out! I’d love to know…

Poets Changing Lives One Rhyme at a Time

Fifteen years ago, Keith Rodgers held a get together in the living room of his Tallahassee, FL apartment. People sat on the sectional couch under dim lighting, hunched knees-to-chin on the staircase, or stood behind the kitchen counter and waited. Finally, Keith stood up the in middle of the living room with his back toContinue reading “Poets Changing Lives One Rhyme at a Time”

Happy NFL Kickoff Day! Go Bucs!

In case there was any doubt, let me state my allegiance now: I hail from the land of palm trees and cool breezes, the land where we be free from winter’s freeze where sunshine appears all four seasons home of Gasparilla and Cuban sandwiches Ybor’s cigars and hurricane damages where pewter pirates pillage defenses andContinue reading “Happy NFL Kickoff Day! Go Bucs!”

Parkinson’s: Stealing from Grandma

I began stealing from my grandma three years ago.  When I realized that one day I would not be able to wake up and find her sitting in the kitchen, watching a 13-inch black-and-white television, I needed something concrete.  I needed something tangible to slow the slide of time that had pushed, like a looseContinue reading “Parkinson’s: Stealing from Grandma”

Poets: Booing is for Ghosts & Hissing is for Snakes

A stage is a magical place. All at once, you are naked to the audience, who views you while you cannot see them; but the stage is also a location of great power, allowing a performer to armor himself or herself with the performance. The greatest performances coat a universal vulnerability with a thin layerContinue reading “Poets: Booing is for Ghosts & Hissing is for Snakes”