Poets: Booing is for Ghosts & Hissing is for Snakes

A stage is a magical place. All at once, you are naked to the audience, who views you while you cannot see them; but the stage is also a location of great power, allowing a performer to armor himself or herself with the performance. The greatest performances coat a universal vulnerability with a thin layerContinue reading “Poets: Booing is for Ghosts & Hissing is for Snakes”

Stage Fright: Rape and Slam Poetry

This will be ugly. But there is nothing pretty about rape, and I will not sugarcoat a turd if something smells rotten in Denmark. I have written a few times (here and here) about my involvement with the Southern Fried Poetry Slam and my poetry troupe, Black on Black Rhyme (BOBR). I’ve been involved with spoken word sinceContinue reading “Stage Fright: Rape and Slam Poetry”

National Poetry Slam 2013 Finals: RIGHT NOW!

National Poetry Slam 2013 Finals: RIGHT NOW! The 2013 National Poetry Slam kicked off this week in Boston, MA! NPS is streaming the entire event live tonight for free. If you feel like hearing some good-good poetry, click the link RIGHT NOW! Get You Some!   P.S. Go Team SNO (Slam New Orleans)!