What Resident Evil Taught Me About Motherhood and Being Pwned

Parenthood is arguably the world’s greatest role-playing game. My brain works in mysterious ways and thinking about motherhood called to mind the fourth installment of the great gaming franchise, Resident Evil, where parasite-ridden farmers (Los Ganados) “remember” your last combination of fighting moves and bum rush you before you can get a clip off. TheContinue reading “What Resident Evil Taught Me About Motherhood and Being Pwned”

Friday Funny: Kid Says Toys are NOT Books

I forget to write laughter into the blog some days, but this little rascal cracks me up. I am a book lover and can’t imagine spurning books as gifts. Donate a book to a kid this year; save the world from zombified, Wii-wielding toddlers. It’s your human duty. Happy Friday!

Birthdays Was the Worst Days…

Yesterday, to paraphrase Ice Cube, was a good day. My post on why R&B is pulling a Sleeping Beauty act was picked for a Freshly Pressed spotlight. (If you stumbled upon my humble little blog due to my WordPress mention, welcome!) I’ve had a great time interacting with people commenting as passionately as me aboutContinue reading “Birthdays Was the Worst Days…”

No Tears: Taking Care of Baby’s Hair (Without Tearing Yours Out)

I’m excited to announce that the lovely folks at MyBlackTresses.com have given me some room to write at length about my other obsession: black hair! My first article is for the mamas of wiggly little beans who have a head full of gorgeous hair and zero patience for combs. Whether your baby is a boy orContinue reading “No Tears: Taking Care of Baby’s Hair (Without Tearing Yours Out)”

Advice: How to Survive Grad School

Years ago, I taught English at Florida State University as a graduate student. A few former students asked me for letters of recommendation or advice, and I discovered that I actually had some to give. Here are the five biggest downsides I wish someone had told me about grad school. 5. The 20-page paper is no joke. Since graduateContinue reading “Advice: How to Survive Grad School”