Is Sallie Mae Helping or Harming Black Millennials?

For almost the past 50 years, there has been a shift in the American Dream of success, especially in regards to black families. Civil rights laws opened doors to education. Colleges and universities began to flood with women and minorities who previously weren’t welcomed at institutions of higher learning. By the time the generation ofContinue reading “Is Sallie Mae Helping or Harming Black Millennials?”

Advice: How to Survive Grad School

Years ago, I taught English at Florida State University as a graduate student. A few former students asked me for letters of recommendation or advice, and I discovered that I actually had some to give. Here are the five biggest downsides I wish someone had told me about grad school. 5. The 20-page paper is no joke. Since graduateContinue reading “Advice: How to Survive Grad School”

Why I’m Adopting an HBCU

Before A Different World, I had no idea what a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) was. I knew that college was a magical place I was expected to attend, but the show presented an image of all-black college Hillman, and I was smitten. The show sealed it in my mind that this was what proper young black women did.Continue reading “Why I’m Adopting an HBCU”