Confession: I’m a Football Fan Who Doesn’t Like Athletes

Sometimes you have to own your ugly. This is mine. I am a fantasy football playing, college team cheering, NFL-loving chick who spends hours every weekend glued to the television watching men run up and down a field in tights. I bust celebration dances when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers manage to do the impossible andContinue reading “Confession: I’m a Football Fan Who Doesn’t Like Athletes”

Why I’m Adopting an HBCU

Before A Different World, I had no idea what a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) was. I knew that college was a magical place I was expected to attend, but the show presented an image of all-black college Hillman, and I was smitten. The show sealed it in my mind that this was what proper young black women did.Continue reading “Why I’m Adopting an HBCU”