No Tears: Taking Care of Baby’s Hair (Without Tearing Yours Out)

I’m excited to announce that the lovely folks at have given me some room to write at length about my other obsession: black hair! My first article is for the mamas of wiggly little beans who have a head full of gorgeous hair and zero patience for combs. Whether your baby is a boy orContinue reading “No Tears: Taking Care of Baby’s Hair (Without Tearing Yours Out)”

Turning in My Selfie Resignation

The Internet is overrun with selfies. Some alluring, some precocious, some nerdy, some pretending they don’t know that a picture is being taken when the mirror shows the camera in their hand. Look away, act surprised selfies. Duck-lipped, pouty princess, queen of all bees selfies. Other selfies are more artful, playing with light against theContinue reading “Turning in My Selfie Resignation”