Birthdays Was the Worst Days…

… now we sip champagne when we thirsty. – Notorious BIG. Pour, Puffy, Pour.

Yesterday, to paraphrase Ice Cube, was a good day. My post on why R&B is pulling a Sleeping Beauty act was picked for a Freshly Pressed spotlight. (If you stumbled upon my humble little blog due to my WordPress mention, welcome!) I’ve had a great time interacting with people commenting as passionately as me about the current state of R&B music and how Neo-Soul is R&B after it’s had a few Pinot Grigios.

Also in the happy column, I wrote an article for the childbirth advocacy site I didn’t formally link to the article, titled “Dignity in Childbirth: A Necessity, Not a Privilege,” but I did post an infographic with a teaser paragraph of how women in labor should not be treated like ketchup bottles. I’ve written quite a bit about childbirth and motherhood in the past few weeks, and I may take a short break from it, unless a different aspect speaks to me. I am, however, glad to lend my voice to raise awareness of verbal abuse during delivery.

More happy? Yes, please. I’m so geeked about blogging regularly (I am a six-month newbie) and improving the site visually. So don’t be alarmed if you see a few changes soon. I initially thought I would have to wait until Christmas to do so, but I may be able to carry out my plan to take over the world plans to commit Reckless Acts of Punctuation as soon as my birthday!

Cue the music! The last smidgen of happiness to share is my birthday in exactly 13 days. I am indeed one of those people who count down to the very second until her birthday arrives. I demand glitter and cake and ice cream and…well…I don’t know what else. I tend to be a quiet birthday girl for all the fuss I make about it. That’s where you all come in. I need ideas! Don’t let me go out like a punk and do something unworthy of my blog title for my big day.

What do you do to celebrate your birthday? No matter how mundane you think your celebration is, I can probably top that. So give it to me!

4 thoughts on “Birthdays Was the Worst Days…

  1. You. Better. Work. You are by far one of my favorite people to read. Congrats on everything! Happy early birthday! 🙂

  2. Yaaaay Dara! I haven’t had a chance to comment lately, but I read every post!! It’s been exciting to read your stuff on childbirth. I had the thought the other day that I know who I’ll call if/when I get preggers. 😉

    Okay…so on to this birthday business. I think two years ago I threw myself a party for the first time ever. It was my way of celebrating myself and opening up to receive love and let people love me up. That was cool, but stressful. I guess, as a holdover from being an unpopular kid, I was terrified no one would show up or something.

    Also, you and the hubs could take a nice birthday trip. That’s actuat my new goal to spend every birthday elsewhere.

    Hope these ideas help!! 😉

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