Friday Feel-Good Tune: “Get Me Bodied” by Beyonce

While you were sleeping, Beyoncé dropped an album last night and basically upset the cosmos. The Beyhive is abuzz, folks. Tread lightly. Although I’m probably her core demographic (black female, 18-45), I’ve never loved Bey like the rest of Black Girl Nation (and the world) seems to. Her videos outperform her music sonically, to me; sheContinue reading “Friday Feel-Good Tune: “Get Me Bodied” by Beyonce”

Praise White Jesus + White Women: Notes on Kanye’s Yeezus Tour

Prelude: Is Kanye a puddle or an ocean?  I am a Kanye West fan. I once thought that Kanye West’s classic “Jesus Walks” meant that he would become hip-hop’s savior from all the ills that kept me from loving it in totality. I now understand that hip-hop itself will never be a vehicle for itsContinue reading “Praise White Jesus + White Women: Notes on Kanye’s Yeezus Tour”

My Top 3 “Black Girls Rock” Moments

Finally! That’s what I thought while watching BET’s Black Girls Rock program last Sunday. Finally, black women are allowed space in the media to celebrate the best in themselves and other black women. It was gratifying to see a program that proclaimed we are all that, black girls and women who rock, diamond-strong in the face of adversity.Continue reading “My Top 3 “Black Girls Rock” Moments”

On Southern Heritage and Reclaiming Alabama

From inside the house, I peer through the mini-blinds at my great-uncles. The folds in their leathery faces do not betray their ages as much as their salt and pepper hair does; black don’t crack, after all. These men survived George Wallace and so they are to be respected. We are in Houston for myContinue reading “On Southern Heritage and Reclaiming Alabama”

Derailing Techniques and My Final Thoughts on Scientific American’s Public Statement

I was hoping for a chance to reblog this. I was more than a little hot after learning about DNLee’s experience. Not only is the idea reprehensible that people should be “grateful” for foregoing financial compensation for work; but it is also layered with racist and sexist implications that a professional would slur a blackContinue reading “Derailing Techniques and My Final Thoughts on Scientific American’s Public Statement”