Praise White Jesus + White Women: Notes on Kanye’s Yeezus Tour

Prelude: Is Kanye a puddle or an ocean?  I am a Kanye West fan. I once thought that Kanye West’s classic “Jesus Walks” meant that he would become hip-hop’s savior from all the ills that kept me from loving it in totality. I now understand that hip-hop itself will never be a vehicle for itsContinue reading “Praise White Jesus + White Women: Notes on Kanye’s Yeezus Tour”

R&B Isn’t Dead, But It’s Comatose

Watching Good Morning America last week, I saw and Kelly Clarkson announce the American Music Award nominees for 2013. I should not have been surprised when head shots of Miguel, Robin Thicke, and Justin Timberlake popped up on the screen. But I was, and I tried to shrug the unnameable disappointment off. R&B/soul is my favoriteContinue reading “R&B Isn’t Dead, But It’s Comatose”