Confession: I’m a Football Fan Who Doesn’t Like Athletes

Sometimes you have to own your ugly. This is mine. I am a fantasy football playing, college team cheering, NFL-loving chick who spends hours every weekend glued to the television watching men run up and down a field in tights. I bust celebration dances when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers manage to do the impossible andContinue reading “Confession: I’m a Football Fan Who Doesn’t Like Athletes”

My Spouse Wants a Gun, But I Don’t

When my husband found out that we were having a girl, he covered his face with his hands in sincere terror. “What am I gonna do with a girl?!” he lamented. Family and friends jokingly gave him the answer: “Welp, guess you better get a gun!” It conjured up the image of a father standingContinue reading “My Spouse Wants a Gun, But I Don’t”

Michael Ealy’s Android Paints Black Men “Almost Human”

Data was the first android I ever loved. I am a Trekkie both by inheritance and by choice, so I grew up watching the humanoid robot’s struggle to define himself as not-human. So, androids are my people. Yesterday, I tuned into Fox’s new show, Almost Human, starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy as a traumatized human cop andContinue reading “Michael Ealy’s Android Paints Black Men “Almost Human””

Why Scandal’s Rape Fails as a Plot Device

Last night, I watched a fictional character get raped and my guts flipped inside out. I have written before about Scandal and my struggle to fall in love with it beyond Olivia Pope’s peacoats, but I think it might have turned me off for good this time. Let me confess first of all that I have aContinue reading “Why Scandal’s Rape Fails as a Plot Device”

Why I’m Happy for Kanye and Kim

There is an old adage about garden tools and housewives that implies certain women are off limits in the marriage department. As antiquated as the idea might be, it lives on in popular culture. You can’t talk about Kanye West and Kim Kardashian without someone bringing up her, um, film credits and her claim toContinue reading “Why I’m Happy for Kanye and Kim”