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Since tomorrow is Christmas and I’ll likely be awash in torn wrapping paper and toddler giggles… Merry Christmas Eve! is a blog from the mind of a recovering over-thinker that discusses life, race, popular culture, and the occasional nerd activity–with an offbeat dose of humor and clarity. is one part storytelling and twoContinue reading “Bookmark my new site…!”

Michael Ealy’s Android Paints Black Men “Almost Human”

Data was the first android I ever loved. I am a Trekkie both by inheritance and by choice, so I grew up watching the humanoid robot’s struggle to define himself as not-human. So, androids are my people. Yesterday, I tuned into Fox’s new show, Almost Human, starring Karl Urban and Michael Ealy as a traumatized human cop andContinue reading “Michael Ealy’s Android Paints Black Men “Almost Human””