Bookmark my new site…!

Since tomorrow is Christmas and I’ll likely be awash in torn wrapping paper and toddler giggles…

Merry Christmas Eve! 

coming soon truly tafakari is a blog from the mind of a recovering over-thinker that discusses life, race, popular culture, and the occasional nerd activity–with an offbeat dose of humor and clarity. is one part storytelling and two parts telling it like it is. The site is scheduled to launch on January 1, 2014.

If you like what I’ve been writing here under Reckless Acts of Punctuation, then you will enjoy the new blog, which is changed in name only and given shiny new digs. I will explain the meaning behind the title next week, so stay tuned!

If you’re new to my writing, here’s a list of my most popular posts (in no particular order) to get you acquainted with me:

R&B Isn’t Dead, But It’s Comatose

The Affluenza Problem with Justine Sacco’s Apology

Why I Did Not Want to See “12 Years a Slave”

Stop Fishing for Self-Hatred in the Name “Sharkeisha”

Why “Scandal” is Scandalously NOT Great

Pass this link on to people you know who love to talk about anything from the superiority of Star Trek to Star Wars, to the reasons why sagging is a reclamation of agency for young black men, to the ways Resident Evil taught me to be a better parent.

Again, Merry Christmas to you and yours, and I’ll see you after the holiday!

-d. tafakari

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