Netflix is the New Cable

About three years ago, as part of my Frugal Frannie regimen to send my husband off to grad school, I killed my cable and went all-Netflix. We currently stream through our trusty PlayStation 3 console. We had both the streaming and the DVD option until about two months ago, when we realized we would holdContinue reading “Netflix is the New Cable”

Fightin’ Words

I was a short kid, with a looming forehead, two robust front teeth and a gap you could kick a goal through. My trifecta of kid imperfections required an ability to verbally shimmy out of taunting situations before I literally needed to shimmy out of the grasp of bullies. But I had no quick wit.Continue reading “Fightin’ Words”

Fatherhood, Feminism, and Feeling Left Out

In the US, Father’s Day is upon us. I know a good amount of fathers, and I was thinking a bit about fatherhood and its portrayal in the media. I am speculating, but my theory has long been that the recent treatment of fathers in television sitcoms is in direct response to the 50s andContinue reading “Fatherhood, Feminism, and Feeling Left Out”

Coloring Inside the Lines…

My left hand won’t stop quivering.  Ambidexterity was never something I attempted to cultivate and my poor right hand is paying the price for my ordinariness.  Painstakingly, I hold the tip of the nail polish applicator over the cuticle on my thumb.  A hard jerk, and a wet blob of sea foam green blots theContinue reading “Coloring Inside the Lines…”