Please Don’t Ask Me About My Next Pregnancy

Hi Readers, on Wednesday, I was featured on The Body Narratives, talking about my discomfort with people inquiring if I’ll be pregnant again soon. Check out my piece and leave your thoughts!  From the moment I knew I was pregnant, motherhood became a juggling act for me. I balanced my wonder at the changes inContinue reading “Please Don’t Ask Me About My Next Pregnancy”

I Was Bullied While Birthing

Hi Readers! I’m featured on’s It Happened to Me today!  When my husband and I found out we were pregnant, we embarked, without a heap of conviction, on a journey to have our daughter in our Jacuzzi tub. My admittedly shallow reason: I was not trying to pay on a hospital bill. Yeah, deep.Continue reading “I Was Bullied While Birthing”

On Motherhood and Exhaustion

Bedtime is the epic battle of every day. And just when you think you’ve won, when the rustling in the crib stills to naught, you remember the crapload of things you haven’t done and that you only have one hour left to do them all. You accomplish none of them. This is neither win norContinue reading “On Motherhood and Exhaustion”

Fatherhood, Feminism, and Feeling Left Out

In the US, Father’s Day is upon us. I know a good amount of fathers, and I was thinking a bit about fatherhood and its portrayal in the media. I am speculating, but my theory has long been that the recent treatment of fathers in television sitcoms is in direct response to the 50s andContinue reading “Fatherhood, Feminism, and Feeling Left Out”