Please Don’t Ask Me About My Next Pregnancy

Don't let the cute face fool you.
Don’t let the cute face fool you.

Hi Readers, on Wednesday, I was featured on The Body Narratives, talking about my discomfort with people inquiring if I’ll be pregnant again soon. Check out my piece and leave your thoughts! 

From the moment I knew I was pregnant, motherhood became a juggling act for me. I balanced my wonder at the changes in my body with my fear that I would hate the jiggle in my tummy later. I alternately felt excited about holding my baby and terrified about exactly how she was going to come out of me. And then, once she was born, I again juggled the trauma of having an emergency Cesarean section birth and the joy of seeing my healthy infant.

Motherhood is not all sweetness and light; it is a mixture of empowerment and vulnerability that requires constant adjustment. For this reason, it rankles when people ask when I’ll be pregnant again. Oh, they mean well, they always do. They see my daughter cooing and toddling, and out pops the question, “So, when is the next one coming?” My response worsens the situation. I smile and laugh, quipping that I want my daughter out of diapers, or my husband out of graduate school. But I never tell them the truth.

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3 thoughts on “Please Don’t Ask Me About My Next Pregnancy

  1. I waver between wanting to be a complete meanie and giving people a pass because they really don’t intend to be rude. They just ARE. lol.

  2. Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I’ve never been pregnant so I cannot imagine how traumatizing your birth experience was for you. But I do share your outrage over people’s intruding questions masked as good intentions. It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant or already a mother, people love to diminish us into “ketchup bottles.” Love that imagery, lol. Anyways, that was just a long winded way to say great post.

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