Real. Positive.

Part of my personal philosophy of punctuating my life with meaning has run counterpoint to a character trait I have. I am a realist. To an annoying fault. In some cases, this serves me well. I count the cost of everything until it cannot be counted any more and then I count again. I makeContinue reading “Real. Positive.”

Spelling Out Intelligence

The world is a much wordier place than it was when I was a kid. As a writer, I can’t say that I’m entirely upset with the fact that people write more socially than they used to. I rarely got the chance to see my friends’ thoughts literally spelled out for me to read. ButContinue reading “Spelling Out Intelligence”

Beignets, Po’Boys, and Poetry

Beignets, po’boys, and poetry: This is what I’ll be full of this time next week!  I’m headed to New Orleans for the Southern Fried Poetry Slam from June 5-8, 2013.  I am BEYOND excited. It will be poetry overload for five straight days, and carb overload to boot. I had the opportunity to volunteer my services writingContinue reading “Beignets, Po’Boys, and Poetry”