Beignets, Po’Boys, and Poetry

Beignets, po’boys, and poetry: This is what I’ll be full of this time next week!  I’m headed to New Orleans for the Southern Fried Poetry Slam from June 5-8, 2013.  I am BEYOND excited. It will be poetry overload for five straight days, and carb overload to boot.

I had the opportunity to volunteer my services writing for the SoFried executive team, and I am delighted to serve as the Assistant Hospitality and Community Service Coordinator this year.  I’m putting on my big girl pants and driving all the way from GA to NOLA with two talented poets.  The half will never be told!  New Orleans can’t get ready enough.

Fry me up!

Holler at the Southern Fried poets via Twitter @SoFried2013!

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