Small Business Big-Up: Xoxo By Cortni

I love to support other small businesses and entrepreneurs when I can.  So, I present to you: Small Business Big-Up!

Xoxo by Cortni is a lifestyle photography business based in the Atlanta metro area.  (But she will travel, too!) The lead photographer, Cortni, offers flexible family, engagement and wedding shoots with a keen eye for detail. Her killer instinct for the perfect capture results in photos that evoke a couple’s personality or a kid’s precociousness, no matter what the setting.  Flip through her gorgeous portfolio at She’s always running a great special!

And if YOU know of any small businesses you’d like to see featured (maybe yours, hmmm???) leave a comment or Tweet me! I’d be delighted to give them a ‘big-up’. Equal opportunity small biz lovin’ over here.

Cutie patootie (Photo Credit: Xoxo by Cortni)

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