About Reckless Acts of Punctuation

Me, doing some punctuating

While, admittedly, I love words and punctuation and grammar and verbiage and the craft of a beautiful sentence…I can’t base an entire blog on the mechanics of writing. I just don’t have that many florid things to say about comma placement. Let me wax poetic about better things, like puppies.

When I thought of the phrase “Reckless Acts of Punctuation,” I didn’t mean blatant misspellings or dangling participles. Rather, punctuation is my philosophy on life. We live our lives in paragraphs, run-on sentences even, unless we break the monotony and throw an exclamation point in somewhere. I don’t know how your life is going, but sometimes my life is punctuated by recklessness and randomness that makes perfect sense…later.

I could’ve made Reckless Acts of Punctuation a montage of unwitting spelling goofs across the Interwebs. But that’s too easy. Making assumptions on peoples’ intelligence and education reflects poorly on my own. (And I don’t do Internet meanness.)

So, consider this a more proper introduction to this fledgling little blog. I’m a writer and an editor, but mostly, I’m just a person seeking to keep her life well punctuated.

Note: This sketch of me performing was drawn by the über-talented Jamaal Barber of JBarber Studios in Atlanta. 

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