Reckless Acts of Punctuation has MOVED!

Uh oh! Hi! If you’re looking for my old blog, Reckless Acts of Punctuation, it has moved, as of January 1, 2014. I am now writing reckless acts of punctuation at my new blog, Join me over there for more discussion of the crazy collisions with life, race, and culture from an over-thinking nerd’sContinue reading “Reckless Acts of Punctuation has MOVED!”

Saying Goodbye to My Blog “Reckless Acts of Punctuation”

When I started this blog in May 2013, I envisioned it as a word nerd’s lair. Book reviews and adjectival clauses and discussions on Roland Barthes galore! And then I actually started writing the blog regularly. I quickly found that there are not enough words in my vocabulary to talk about writing topics ad infinitum.Continue reading “Saying Goodbye to My Blog “Reckless Acts of Punctuation””

Real. Positive.

Part of my personal philosophy of punctuating my life with meaning has run counterpoint to a character trait I have. I am a realist. To an annoying fault. In some cases, this serves me well. I count the cost of everything until it cannot be counted any more and then I count again. I makeContinue reading “Real. Positive.”