Scared to Move, Scared to Stay

Sometimes I lie to myself and spin wishful falsehoods about how adventurous I am. I say, Given the chance, I would love to move to Europe or Asia and live for a few years outside the country. I lived in Belgium for a few years as a child since my dad was in the Army, and itContinue reading “Scared to Move, Scared to Stay”

F$%^ the Police?

Sometimes fear is the four-letter F word. Red and blue lights flash in my rear view and my pulse quickens. I glance over to make sure my glove compartment box is still there, as if, at the sound of the siren, it would have magically vanished with my papers in it. I roll the windowContinue reading “F$%^ the Police?”

Zimmerman’s Valid Fear

“I’m gon’ put some lead in him,” Mr. Williams says. His raucous laugh holds no mirth, but his belly shakes a little beneath his hands. “If I catch ’em in my yard, I’ma beat the piss out of ’em!” “Mhmm. I ain’t got too good an aim, so I’ma buy me one of them shotguns.Continue reading “Zimmerman’s Valid Fear”