The Top 5 Places I’d Travel If I Could Go Anywhere

Last night I was dreaming with my eyes open. I opened the Living Social app on my phone and scrolled through pictures of cities with gleaming lights and pristine beaches. This winter had me longing for spring.  (And now that spring has sprung, it’s ceded place back to winter!)  But I’m not just lusting afterContinue reading “The Top 5 Places I’d Travel If I Could Go Anywhere”

Friday Feel-Good Tune: “Olé Olé” by Lakol

A few years ago, when I still lived in Florida, I was at a party where the DJ put this song on and magic happened. Every single man in the room stopped posting on the wall and grabbed the nearest girl. Someone whisked me off the coach and laughter trailed behind me. Our feet floated,Continue reading “Friday Feel-Good Tune: “Olé Olé” by Lakol”