Friday Feel-Good Tune: “Olé Olé” by Lakol

Haitian group Lakol

A few years ago, when I still lived in Florida, I was at a party where the DJ put this song on and magic happened. Every single man in the room stopped posting on the wall and grabbed the nearest girl. Someone whisked me off the coach and laughter trailed behind me. Our feet floated, lifted by the rollicking rhythm of Lakol’s 1992 hit, “Olé Olé.”

For the Haitians surrounding me, this song was old school, a reminder of a golden age of Kompa music. That house party in 2006 was the first time I’d ever heard it. I adored the song instantly. It’s been on my list of favorite Haitian songs ever since. Even if you can’t understand the Kreyol words, you can understand that the melody wants you to throw your hands in the air and be happy right along with it.

So if you’re not at work, do me a favor and dance for the rest of cubicle nation.

Happy Friday, folks! (p.s. apologies for the pixelated vid; clear old music videos are hard to come across!)

2 thoughts on “Friday Feel-Good Tune: “Olé Olé” by Lakol

  1. Isn’t it great?! The lyrics so match the melody, too. All about dancing and being happy and grabbing someone and making them be happy with you lol.

  2. This song makes me feel like I should be sitting out back by the bayou with a rum and coke in hand, watching schools of fat fish swim by.

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