Tilapia Worse Than Bacon?! The Horror!

In my post about food snobbery, I mentioned that my husband refuses to eat tilapia because, he says, it has no nutritional value. According to this article by Draxe.com, tilapia ranks lower than bacon on the you’re-killing-yourself scale. I wonder if my husband will have anything to say to me about the health benefits of eatingContinue reading “Tilapia Worse Than Bacon?! The Horror!”

Bougie Girls Against Bologna

Frankly, I wanted to punch him in the mouth. I was sitting in the work lunch room, minding my own business, eating a hastily packed meal of Ramen noodles and snacks. My coworker Greg glanced over at my bowl and snorted. “Are you eating Ramen Noodles?” “Yeah.” “I wouldn’t get caught dead eating those things!Continue reading “Bougie Girls Against Bologna”